SteezinMusic: Joe Budden – “Remember The Titans” (Feat. Fabolous, Lloyd Banks & Royce Da 5’9)

JOEY! Yes, så er Joe Buddens tilbage med et nyt lækket track fra “Mood Muzik 4”, og denne gang har han en utrolig lyrisk lineup med sig. “The Titans” beskriver meget godt de 4 rappers præstation på tracket, they go hard! Derfor kunne jeg ikke lade vær med at citere nogle udpluk fra tracket fra hver enkelt rapper. Personligt set synes jeg at Royce Da 5’9 havde det bedste vers og Lloyd Banks havde en dårlig dag, da de andre overgik ham gevaldigt. Hvad synes i? Check it out!

Fabolous: “Ballin’ outta control, never won an ESPY // ‘bout to buy a black Ghost and name that shit SP”

“Flow outta this world, im coming for my moonman // you niggas slide back like that “Walking On The Moon” dance”

“Dr. King and Def Jam ain’t the only ones wit’ a dream // I’m a grown-ass man, this kid a teen // you’re a spoof of me, like if hip-hop did a ‘Scream'”

Joe Budden: “Reportin’ live from that Beacon, booth tired from that beatin’ // had foreplay all day, now im preppin’ the beat and the mic for threesome”

“I teach you how to have models screamin’ “get behind me!” // E-pills and Maybachs ain’t gon’ matter if your TIP is Tiny”

“Abort the strategy, or get attacked with that Duracell // they put in your back, now that’s assault and battery”

Lloyd Banks: Overdose, time to earn my votes, watch me turn the volts // voltage through a hater, this electric chair, danger // yeah, I see ya, now make way ‘fore it turn to diarrhea

Royce Da 5’9: Lord (Lord), I want you to leave this vicinity // You gon’ be around here ’bout long as Justin Bieber’s virginity”

“Then take your hoe, make the hoe give the whole clique fellatio // everyone (Everyone!), that wasn’t the whole entourage on HBO”

“The drunk me can box like the sober you // the sober me be more nervous than Waka Flocka in the votin’ boot”

“We beef like bein’ deep and dumpin’ Ks // you beef like Lady Gaga and her stylist,  y’all get together to look good in front of a bunch of gays”

“Niggas snitchin’, it’s a shame, we call ‘em male tattlers // fiends touchin’ they noses more than URL battlers”

“Mood Muzik 4” – November 4th!

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