SteezinMusic: Chakaritoz aka Papparitosh from Greece “Freestyle”

Chakaritoz aka Papparitosh from Greece calls Nina Bambina Ent and spits a freestyle for her & hopes he gets signed.

“Who’s that? – that’s my cat , with the brown underwear – that’s no shiit in there”

“The table is round, round like your butt, i wanna stick my finger in it / but i dont have, it smells/ do it smell, i don’t care, i got brown underwear 2/ ehh, what it do? do you got the g-string too/ yes, then i wanna put it up, up to the loft / coca-cola jack d, i feel very free / i got the black leatherpants on, wtf the police is outside my doorrr!”

Chakaritoz/Papparitosh From Greece “Real Freestyle” LMFAO by DrozDailySteezin

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