SteezinMusic: L.E.S. Vs Kanye West

Have you ever noticed, that in a-LOT of hiphop songs, there’s usually the same type of melodies behind the beat. There’s usually the same little tiny voice, behind the big rapping voice, and heavy beat drums saying: It’s been a looooong a looooong time coming’, but you knooooow, a change gon’ come, a change gon’ come, a gon’ come”. Yea, you have right..? That’s because of this: The Sample. It’s actually quite funny with samples. Because samples is nothing’ more than original songs produced and made (Insert the amount of years ago it was made) years ago. It’s a sound snippet of a variety of songs.

So. I actually think, a lot of people could use a history lesson or 2, and listen to the most common, and beautiful soul tracks, and listen how the game actually uses the sound snippets and produces the new beat. And to do this, I borrowed a brilliant idea, that a Youtube uploader, (Thebackpacked) inspired me to do.  You ready..? Because here comes ,the new section in Droz Daily Steezin:


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L.E.S Vs. Kanye West

Wow. See, that’s a matchup .. :D

The track that has been gettin’ flipped is:

Now this is a original track made by Chic “Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song). Chic is a Disco/R&B group that was made 1976. It’s naturally these types of bands that’s used as samples.

Now, let me present 2 songs, that’s made outta this song:

Freeway –  Hear This Song  (Produced By Kanye West).

NaS – Just A Moment (Feat. Quan).  (Produced By L.E.S)

This song is really one of my favorite songs by Nasir Jones, and the introduction to Quan, a Virginia rapper (who just disappeared in the thin air really. You know. What of those rappers who was JUST about to make it).
Kwame’s personal winner is: NaS – Just A Moment, Produced By L.E.S.

I really think L.E.S. got the mood of the original song, that created the platform for NaS & Quan. It is quite marvelous what an MPC can do in great hands. And hands down, I really think L.E.S got this one. Though you could argue that Kanye that a lot more with the sample. The Drums, the tempo, the variety of use of the sample, is cleverly used by kanye. But the mood, and drums of L.E.S. version just made me choose  NaS – Just a Moment.

That’s for reading the blog ;-)

Congratulations L.E.S. ;-)

Writtin by your favorite DDS chocolate blogger, Kwame ;-D (Yea, i’m black, so i can actually say those things :D)

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