SteezinNews: J. Cole fortæller om hans kommende musik video “Can’t Get Enough”

Jermaine har teamet op med Tremaine for at indspille hans kommende video for “Can’t Get Enough”. Forneden fortæller J. Cole om musik videoens tema.

What can you tell us about the video?
I was supposed to go down there on Wednesday, which I did, but the Friday before I went to Barbados to open up for Rihanna, I had an idea that came from one of the homies like, “You should shoot the ‘Can’t Get Enough’ video down there.” But it seemed so impossible like, “Yeah, that would be nice.” The very next day, I was like, “Why not try to make it happen?” I made a call into my management and to Chaka [Pilgrim], who works for Roc Nation and handles the videos, and by the grace of God, it came together quick. We only had a week to do it, but we made it happen. It’s like “BigPimpin’” minus the million-dollar budget.

Læs hele interviewet her.

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