Interview: Rising Stars #5 “Stalley”

Der er gået lang tid siden i sidst har fået en Rising Star, men nu er vi kommet godt ind i det nye år og er derfor klar med en masse tiltag herunder vores efterhånden kendte skriftlige Rising Stars interviews. Denne gang bringer vi jer Rick Ross’ seneste signee til Maybach Music Group, nemlig Stalley. Stalley har haft et stort år med masser af gode udgivelser og velinstrueret videoer. Den ydmyg rapper fra Massillon, Ohio er en af de 12 rappere som vi på DDS spår til at have et gr8 år foran sig, og vi har dermed også udvalgt ham til vores Freshmen Class 2012.

Udover denne Freshmen listen har vi også udvalgt Stalley’s “Go On” video til den femte bedst instrueret video i 2012, da vi føler at han gang på gang laver nogle meget autentiske visualiseringer. Se den fulde liste her.

I interviewet snakker Stalley om alt fra hans deal med MMG til hans skæg, og vi vil have at i bruger dette interview som en appetizer til når Stalley en gang kommer til Danmark og vi får lov til at lave vores kendetegnsinterviews. Så guys, læs interviewet, bliv klogere omkring et interessant hip-hop navn og del det med jeres venner.

Læs mere efter jumpet…..

1. How did you get into rapping?

At a young age i was into music period, you know, i was just a fan of all genres of music, i always listened to all genres of music. Growing up i played sports, but sports and music go hand in hand, that’s something you listen to working out in the gym, before games or after games it’s just always something that fit the mood of what you are doing. So music has always just been the love of my life from an early age. When i got into actually writing and making music i would say it was 4 years ago, and actually pursuing a career as far as taking it to the next level musically myself.

2. Which rappers/producers have influenced you the most?

Nas was a big influence on my, Illmatic was a powerful album for me. Artists like Biggie, 2Pac, Scarface, Outkast, Common, Mos Def, The Roots a lot of that type of music was a big influence on me pursuing into creating it.

3. You’ve just been on a successful European Tour, what can you tell us about the tour and your experience in Europe?

Aww man, my experience in Europe was amazing. It’s beautiful out there, i can’t wait to come back! I did 4 shows, 3 of them were sold out, but every show had great crowd participation, it was amazing to see how many people know my music, you know some spoke different languages but they knew every word, so it was just amazing and a good time. I’m just very taken back by all the love i received out there, i didn’t expect it, i didn’t know what to expect but i don’t think i expected it to be like it was, it was beautiful though!

4. Why didn’t you visit Denmark?

I don’t know, i need to visit Denmark! I hear so many good things about Copenhagen, and just Denmark and how much you guys are into hip-hop and love hip-hop, but it was just a short run, it was kinda like a tester and last minute also we set up these dates, ‘cause i think we only had the Paris and London date and then we added on the other two. It worked out and it was great. Hopefully i get to come back and get to see more cities.

5. Why is MMG the place for Stalley?

It’s home over there, it always felt like home, the atmosphere and the artists that’s there like Ross, Wale and Meek, they are brothers, it’s a real family feel and they allow me to still be Stalley and get the platform to shine on, so it’s a beautiful thing! I love the decision, i love where i’m at, i’m excited to see what the future holds, i know it’s gonna be big, this  year already kicking’ of right where “Rich Forever” dropping and i’m on two songs there, and people been having great response to the verses and the songs that i’m on. I’m just excited and i got the new project coming myself.

6. What can you tell us about the Blue Collar Gang?

Aww man, The Blue Collar Gang is just you know guys like yourself and anybody who supports me and my movement and just people who take a liking to what i do, and those who grind daily whether it’s a 9-5, whether it’s school, whether it’s pursuing a dream of basketball or any type of genre of music, it’s just those who get up daily and work hard and go after their dreams.

7. You’ve worked in ALIFE’s flagship store in New York, how important is style to you?

Oh it’s very important, it’s everything, it goes hand in hand with music also! I’m someone who likes to look nice and feel good, dress nice and smell good all that, so it definitely goes hand in hand. I love fashion you know, street wear is a big part of hip-hop culture but also the heritage brands and couture fashion is becoming more prominent in hip-hop also. So it’s a beautiful thing!

8. How did the deal with Nike come about?

Nike reached out to me about a year ago and asked me to be a part of their Destroyer campaign, that they had for the Destroyer jacket, so they picked me as one of the people who they felt was an influencer amongst the culture and amongst the people that’s coming up in the game. They looked at me as one of the 4 leaders of that, that was just a blessing, my brand fits their brand and vice versa, so it worked out perfectly.

9. What’s on your iPod right now?

Uhm, man that’s a good question! I’ve been listening to a lot of new music that i’m working on, “Rich Forever” of course, SBTRKT it’s a group from London, i got introduced to them in London, and they are amazing it’s like a more of a progressive more alternative sound. Also i’ve been listening to The Drums and The Black Keys new album. That’s probably the most spins. SBTRKT you should check ‘em out!

10. What is the history behind your beard and how long did it take to grow?

My beard has been with me since i started pursuing music, it’s a religious thing but it’s also something i kinda look at when i’m going through good and bad times, kinda like that measuring stick to look at. Sometimes it’s full and healthy i know i’m at a good place in life, sometimes it’s breaking off and kinda like scraggly so it’s like i know i need to pick things up and put myself in a better place in my life. It’s something that i kinda use as a wisdom for me.

11. Is there any significance behind the badges on your caps?

That’s just something that goes with me, i love to have, i travel the world, i’m lucky enough to be able to travel the world, not just the United States but different parts of the world and when i go places i try to go into different shops and antique spots and grab little badges or something that seem specific to that area and just kinda have it with me to collect.

12. You started out as basketball player and now you are a rapper, what can you tell us about the transition?

That transition was pretty easy you know, it was easier than i thought, music again it wasn’t something that – i stop playing basketball and start doing music, it was something that was natural something that’s always been there, something that’s always been in my heart, you know it comes easy for me. It’s something that i love to do so the transition was very easy, both things acquire a lot of attention, dedication and hard work to put into it, so i couldn’t do both, but now that i stepped away from basketball i’m able to focus on music. Yeah, it’s been a fast pick up like the last 3-4 years i’m already signed to a major label and you know things are really picking up so it’s a blessing!

13. Young Guru, Jay-Z’s engineer is mixing your upcoming mixtape “The Savage Journey To The American Dream”, what can you tell us about that?

Aww man, it’s a beautiful project so far! It’s coming together well, it’s a different sound from all the previous projects that i’ve put out, but it’s still kinda similar production wise to Lincoln Way Nights and still has the base and the vibe of ridin’ around and just cruisin’ and vibin’ out so i wanted to keep that esthetic but it’s definitely a bigger sound, different flows and heavy base. I can’t really describe the sound, i guess you guys gotta wait to hear it, it’s still trunk music, it’s still that enjoyable ridin’ around-smoke-your-lungs-out music but it’s cool, i’m excited for it.

14. You’ve worked with Soundtrakk and Prolyfic, when can we expect to hear some of that?

That’s soon too! Some of that production is on “The Savage Journey To The American Dream”, i mean me and Soundtrakk got 2 joints that are like just amazing, they are really really big songs and i’m excited. Hopefully i can get him back on the map where he needs to be, ‘cause he’s a great producer and a great person. The production is just sick!

15. Who would you like to work with?

I’ve been working with a lot of people i’ve been blessed enough to work with, a lot of people that i will like to work with. I would like to work with Kings Of Leon, i would like to get some production from Kanye West, as far as artists go Bruce Springsteen, Nas, anybody who’s out there that got good music i’m down to work with, especially on the production tip. The guys that i’m working with on “The Savage Journey To The American Dream” are amazing, they are called The Block Beaters, they are from Alabama so they got a lot of production, and there are some kids from Denmark also that i’m gettin’ production from that’s sick too. I’m open for any producers, send beats please, you can send them to

16. What do you know about Scandinavia and when can we expect to see you soon?

I don’t know much! I heard you guys got good weed out there! *Laughing* (saw the Curren$y interview).

17. What do you wanna be remembered for?

Just being a good person, just being a great individual and puttin’ out great timeless music, just someone who’s alway been himself, yeah when people mention me when i’m gone i just want people to say that “that was a genuine and great dude!”

18. What can we expect from you in the future?

Just what i said, a lot of good music and me poppin’ up everywhere, i just want to get into so much. I wanna build the Blue Collar Gang brand, and have you know the brand as far as some clothing coming out, also working with artists that i believe in, hopefully i’ll be able to get on the platform where i can bring in others to be able to shine also. Just keep putting out dope music!

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