Interview: Young Jeezy x DDS (Talks about Lil Lody, The Weeknd, ‘It’s The World’, Freddie Gibbs & more)

I anledningen af at Young Jeezy skal på Europa tour og rammer Pumpehuset d. 3. maj, blev DDS kontaktet af en representant fra selveste Def Jam om at lave et telefonisk interview med rapperen.

Jeezy var en cool fyr, og snakkede bogstaveligt talt som han rapper. Vi fik en god samtale, og Jeezy fik snakket om alt fra sit navn, om CTE kompileringsalbummet “It’s The World”, Freddie Gibbs, hans brand 8732, og hvor meget han glæder sig til at optræde foran et europæisk publikum + andre diverse ting.

Vi er derfor meget beærede over at dele dette skriftlige interview med jer.

Del det gerne og brug interviewet som en optakt til hans koncert i Pumpehuset, og glæd jer til at opleve ham live fordi han glæder sig til at levere et show for jer!

Læs mere efter jumpet….

1. How did you get the name Young Jeezy?

Jeezy: “Young” basically came because i was a young cat hanging around older people, and “Jeezy” came because of my voice was raspy. So when i started rapping i put both of them together and came up with Young Jeezy.

2. You have your own clothing line, do you plan to expand it overseas and what made you start it?

Jeezy: 8732 is one of the biggest urban clothing lines in America, im thinking about taking it overseas. I started it because i wanted to do something for the cats out there who are everyday hustling and grindin’, so they have something to wear. It made me feel like a real hustler, because back in the day when we were hustling we wanted the same thing and a brand that we could associate with.

3. Lil Lody has produced several tracks on your new album, how did you hook up with him?

Jeezy: Basically one of the A&R’s from CTE World found Lody on the run and he’s such a cool kid, i embraced him we actually toured, went around the world, had a lot of fun and he’s had a major part on the new album.

4. You released a couple of singles for your new album but some of them didn’t make it as official singles, what’s the reason for that?

Jeezy: I mean you know, at the time i was putting out records that was hidden for the album, but they will not always make it to the album.

5. Why was the album pushed back for almost 2 years?

Jeezy: Basically i don’t wanna make any excuses, i make records man, at the end of the day i had a lot of things going on and it didn’t make sense trying just to push it out. So i basically just had to hold the music back until the time was right.

6. What’s the latest status on the “It’s The World” CTE project, and who has contributed as far as producers and guest features?

Jeezy: Right now we are more than 70 % into it, and right now we got anybody from  T-Minus, to Boi-1da, to Cardo. We gonna finish the album as soon as i get back from the tour.

7.  What can we expect from you when you hit Europe, and do you have something special geared up for your European peeps?

Jeezy: Aw man, expect some thug motivation from me when i hit Europe! And as far as Europe i’m so excited to go over there, cause it’s just a blessing coming from Georgia and do your thing all over in Europe for fans who have been riding with me since the beginning. I just feel like i gotta give ‘em my all man, and i’m ready to do it. It’s called Southern hospitality. We love them, and they love us. And i love Europe man, so i’ma show them when i get there feel me!

8. You had a role in the movie “Yanky Promoters”, can we expect some more motion pictures starring Young Jeezy?

Jeezy: Of course, of course, i’m working now man i’m doing some reading i’ve been back in forth to L.A. getting my stuff together. It’s definitely gonna happen.

9. You are considered as of the most respected and popular rappers out there, and you have worked with people like Kanye, Jigga and Lil Wayne. Have those names helped you or guided you somehow with your career?

Jeezy: I mean they are people who done it before you and understand it, so when you are in a specific situation they can definitely give you that guidance.

10. Is there any newcomers out there that you would like to work with?

Jeezy: I like The Weeknd, we probably gonna do something. There’s a couple of cats, i really can’t recall all of their names. I like Kendrick Lamar, Don Trip and Freddie Gibbs. I like Big K.R.I.T., i would definitely like a production from him, he’s dope!

11. We’ve actually done 2 interviews with your recent signee Freddie Gibbs, what made you sign him and how did you hear his music for the first time?

Jeezy: Basically, when i first heard Freddie Gibbs i just felt he was raw and an untouched talent. And i wanted to bring him in to the CTE World regime, and he’s one of our stars and we wanna start a whole new regime around him.

12. What can we expect from you in the future?

Jeezy: A whole lot man, this is what i do, this is what i love! So it only gets better from here.

13. What do you wanna be remembered for? 

Jeezy: Jeezy not giving a fuck! i mean saying what i feel and speaking what i mean, and just stand for whatever i believe in my nigga. That’s what i wanna be remembered for, i want my legacy to be like a nigga kept it 100!

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