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What up brouwies.

Jeg (Drux) tog en tur alene ned til Belgien for at opleve festivalen Couleur Cafe, og der fik jeg en golden mulighed for at interviewe Nas.

Nas udgiver nemlig sit tiende studio album ‘Life Is Good’ (pre-order here) den 17 Juli og det kan man kun glæde sig til, da alle singlerne indtil videre har været fuckin’ heftige.

Jeg fik desværre kun 5 min med Nas, men det var nok til et lille og godt skriftlig interview.

Læs med efter jumpet…

1. What’s the concept for the new album, and the deeper meaning behind the title “Life Is Good”?

Nas: It’s no matter what happens in life, life is colorful, after i’ve seen so much struggle, after i’ve seen so much hypocrisy in politics, after i’ve seen so much balance between men and women to relationships and love, divorce and marriage and look at in depth, you know, you gotta realize your purpose here and capitalize on that purpose even if your purpose is just to help someone else, because a lot of people don’t get the chance that you got.

2. What made you link up with No I.D. and Salaam Remi on the new album?

Nas: Because they were great producers in the 90’s, and they are great producers still today and a lot of producers from the 90’s are no longer around and i needed someone who had this type of qualities to produce this album, cause i wanted the sound to be 90’s. Salaam i’ve worked with a lot.

3. Rick Ross has a guest feature on the track “Accident Murderers”, how did that come about and how do you rate him?

Nas: Rick Ross is probably out of everybody that’s out there putting out music, i think people feel his music the most, i feel his music the most, he represents the streets and his lyrics and music the way it sounds, it’s hard!

4. “I guess entertainment means blatantly lying..”, what can you tell me about that line and how is the music industry different today from back then when your started rapping?

Nas: I was basically making fun of the whole music industry and the entertainment business, of course it’s about lying and that’s not that i say anything new, you know, in hip-hop anybody is claiming to be real, hip-hop is the only industry that is suppose to be real out of everything, movies, acting, you know, singers, they sing they are real, but hip-hop artists claim it more cause they are from the streets, so i really talk about hip-hop, because we all know that entertainment and all that is not about lie or truth, it’s about entertainment, having a problem with that, but as far as hip-hop and entertainment you know is like we all claim to be real but at what point do we draw the line from real and fans.

5.”Daughters” is a very deep song with a decent message to all the fathers out there, what made you write this song?

Nas: Because you know me being someone who’s been around a lot women in my life, and know i have a teenage daughter who is on her way to be a woman herself, so i question myself as a father, was i there enough? in my life of music i’ve been on the road a lot, i’ve been in studios and all this stuff, so i question was if i was a good enough father? To all the fathers out there, relationships between daughters and fathers are very important.

6. I have a very beautiful sister at the age of 15, what should i do so she doesn’t end up doing inappropriate things?

I mean all you gotta is be a lovely brother, a real brother, and let her know that she can always talk to you about anything, and you know watch your back, so look out for her.

7. Rap Genius leaked the tracklist for the new album. Why Rap Genius and what do you think of the site?

I think Rap Genius is rap music through and through, it’s not about anything other than just rap, and things like that needs support, whether it’s hip-hop fans, artists because they really do something for hip-hop.

8. Freddie Gibbs reached out to you on Twitter a couple a days ago. What do you think of him?

Nas: Yo who is Freddie Gibbs? (he ask his manager)

Drux (DDS): One of the best new rappers out there

Nas: Imma def’ check him out!

9. What do you think of the new generation of rappers like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T.?

“I love them, i love the new wave!” 

Drux (DDS): Thanks for the interview 

Nas: No thank you son – and hook me up with that Ellesse jacket you rockin’

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    Fuck vi glæder os til Nas album 'Life Is Good'

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    Our boy @Nas gives @RapGenius a shout-out in an interview w/ @DDSTEEZIN abt LIFE IS GOOD

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    Our boy @Nas gives @RapGenius a shout-out in an interview w/ @DDSTEEZIN abt LIFE IS GOOD

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    Our boy @Nas gives @RapGenius a shout-out in an interview w/ @DDSTEEZIN abt LIFE IS GOOD

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    @Nas will always be the voice of the streets #GhettoFabulous

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