Interview: Rising Stars #7 “Machine Gun Kelly”

Machine Gun Kelly was on an European tour recently and stopped by Copenhagen to perform at venue Rust. DDS got the chance to link up with the Bad Boy signee before his concert to talk about various things including his upcoming album Laced Up, DMX, Bad Boy Ent., his knowledge about Scandinavia and his tattoos.

See what MGK had to say to DDS after the jump.

1. How did you get into rapping?

“Shiit, i basically was never the cool kid, i never dressed cool, i never talked cool, i didn’t really act cool, i just wasn’t cool. I was always the new kid in school cause my dad moved around a lot, and after my mom split we were all over the place, so i was just tired of starting over so i started being a dick anyway younahimsayin’. So i put myself in a position to be bullied cause i was a bully in the first place, i would go to different places and think that everybody hated me. So i didn’t get any friends and i would get into alot of fights, when i started realizing that i don’t gotta fight physically anymore, i started to battle rap, i don’t need to fight physically to whoop this motherfucker’s ass.. i mean i’m skinny as fuck, and fighting ain’t working for me, so i was battling instead and i was whooping ass! People actually started to like me, and it became more than first social acceptance, it became an addiction, and then you started to developing fans.”

2. How would you describe your sound and music?

“My shit is rage, is negative energy turned into postive. Negative vibes turned into a giant positive soundtrack for the underdog.”

3. Why is Bad Boy Ent. the right place for you?

“You don’t know if it’s the right place until your album drops, and october 9th we gonna see. I’m so stoked, i’m overly anxious because after this album drops your lives gonna keep going on but if this fails my life is over. It’s a big big moment, ff you succeed on the first album everything after that can flop and you’ll be okay, cause you have that respect from that first album. And i’m not lookin’ at first week sales either, i push this motherfuckin’ album ‘til the wheels fall off and then look back and be like damn it’s not meant to be.. but i’ma tell you a secret, it’s meant to be!”

4. How did you link up with DMX and what’s the story behind it?

“I just kept puttin’ those vibes on the air in interviews that i was a huge DMX fan, like him and Ludacris, and eventually we ended up meeting in a studio down in Arizona so we kicked it and had a great time, jumping on tables and shit”

5. What’s on your iPod right now?

“My fucking camera man got me listen to Bon Iver, i’m listening to the first System Of A Down album, i really like that. I listen to my own shit too. I met Nipsey Hu$$le last night, i really fuck with him.”

6. What can you tell us about your new album as far as concepts and what makes it different from your previous releases?

“I think what’s good about it, is that it’s not different from the previous releases. It’s the same sound, it’s not the same songs, but it’s the same sound, which is beautiful. Cause most of the time the albums sound fucking 50 times worse than the mixtapes, it sounds like a sell out, and you be like what the fuck happened between this period and that period. It sounds like the old Machine Gun Kelly, and how i know it does, is because it got recorded before i got signed.”

7. Who produced on the album?

“Like the biggest name is like J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, other than that it’s pretty underground and in house producers.”

8. What do you know about Scandinavia?

“Oh am i in Scandinavia right now? I thought i was in Denmark though?! So what do i know here? What i know is that Swedish girls are wild!”

9. What do you wanna be remembered for?

“Taking care of the fan and not giving a fuck about the man….”

10. What can we expect from you in the future?

“Shiit you can expect this fucking crazy sex tape i’m shooting tonight in Denmark after the show. You can definitely expect some man-in-the-mirror-instagram-shots. As far as rapping, is just to go in on everybody! What i have is a movement fo real, i shut down the mall, that’s a movement and i did that. Justin Bieber is the only person who did that. Be able to scroll through a folder of pictures of all Lace Up tattoos so much that you can’t even continue cause your fingers hurt from pressing the down button, that’s a motherfucking movement, when your fingers can’t even keep up with how many tattoos there are. People forget to put me in those spitter categories, when i’m really a fucking monster. I’m not about to sell myself short anymore, i was selling myself short for years, i wanna be in the top list now cause i really deserve it.”


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