Video: Vic Mensa “The Backroom Freestyle”


Jeg har aldrig set en dræbe mikrofonen som Vic til en Backroom Freestyle! Lige et sidespor, det er faktisk vildt nok at BET har valgt at inkorporere Rap Genius. Fed ide!

“I’m from Chicago, but never been a fan of your platinum hits
I could care less than a high school lunch lady with her hair net
Teared up puttin’ pubes in your pear cup
Yo, the young blood bleed bluer than Ivy
If Lil Wayne came and kidnapped her out her high seat
Pass the baby to Baby to change the diapy
While Jay-Z chase her down on a Samsung Galaxy
Hi C, orange soda sippin’ old Corolla whippin’
Treat your chick tonsil like a orphanage to hold my kids in”

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