SteezinMusic: J. Cole “Miss America Reprise”

Nyt DJ Drama laekket J. Cole nummer hvor han prøver sine kraefter af over Wu-Tangs “Its Yourz”. Det er hårdt nok!

Artwork/Tracklist: Game “Jesus Piece”

Jeg glæder mig faktisk ret meget til dette album, især eftersom både JMSN og Jermaine gæster på et track sammen. Forneden kan I læse Games egen forklaring på valg af artwork.

The controversial artwork for my album is the DELUXE edition. Here’s is the standard album cover for #JesusPiece. It is a picture of my brother “Jevon Danell Taylor’s” obituary… In memorium to his murder in Compton May 21st 1995 due to gang violence. He was 20 years old.

I let my son write my name & the album title on it & in that moment I felt a connection between who I knew my brother to be when he was Harlem’s age & my son now. That moment was the closest my son will ever be to my brother & that alone is the reason I felt I should share it with you. #JesusPiece in-stores December 11th !!!!

1. Scared Now Ft. Meek Mill
2. Ali Bomaye Ft. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross
3. Jesus Piece Ft. Kanye West & Common
4. Pray Ft. J. Cole & JMSN
5. All That (Lady) Ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous & Jeremih
6. Name Me King Ft. Pusha T
7. See No Evil Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Tank
8. Can’t Get Right Ft. K. Roosevelt
9. Heaven’s Arms
10. Hallelujah Ft. Jamie Foxx
11. Freedom Ft. Elijah Blake
12. Celebration Ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne

SteezinMusic: J. Cole “Miss America”

Kan Jermaine stadig nå at leve op til sit fulde potentiale? Glæder I jer til hans andet Roc Nation album “Born Sinner”?

Miss America by J. Cole

SteezinMusic: Major Lazer feat J. Cole “Get Free”

Ok ok ok han knækker vers 2. Han kan stadig !

(The fuck is that smell?)
Yea, I smell bullshit it must be an election year
The more I listen man the more you sound less sincere
Still I’m watching CNN tryna keep up
In my interviews, maybe I should speak up
Tell the world how it feel like you lying all the time
Keeping niggas walking around blind all the time
But them same niggas thinking I’m fucking dimes all the time
Like I’m walking round with money on my mind all the time
And I feed into it
I’d rather make tracks where I bleed into it
The single’s only the look to sell these niggas the book
I can only pray that one day you’ll read into it
If not, fuck it, I got my own problems
Fuck ya beats nigga, I produce my own albums
I zone out that old sound that I’ve grown out of
Was born out of being broke with hope
But it don’t matter, I’m on Saturn now and I won’t shatter
As long as blood grows in my bone marrow
I’m gone, gather my thoughts as sharp as a bow and arrow
Back when I no dough and no appearal
My flow is thorough
Now I’m more aware of all the perils a nigga face
Loading pistols with nickel plates is a nigga fate
And while they call that shit a race
The agony of defeat wish the elite could get a taste

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