ShoutOut: Joey Bada$$ & Kirk Knight x DDS

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Get Money Fuck Bitches ÆVRIDAY!

ShoutOut: Flatbush Zombies x DDS

Flatbush Zombies

“Cruising down the street, ain’t got a 6-4
Just a heart full of pride, a mouth full of gold
Corny baby mama knocking at my front do’
She just want my (income), I’d rather get my (dick sucked)”

ShoutOut: Big Sean x DDS

Big Sean dds

“Niggas wanna talk what they gon’ say (gon’ say)
I hit the pedal til that motherfucker break (til it break)
Freaky bitches love the money I make
And to live like this you motherfuckers gotta pay
So let that shit burn

Photo/ShoutOut: MGK x DDS

Vi laver ran på MGK og han laver ran på sig selv i shoutout.

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